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“By capturing profound simplicity, you begin to free leadership potential. `You have enabled me to be freer. I am hugely grateful. Thank you for your unending generosity.”
Mark Mercer, Mast International

“The overall atmosphere that Paul initially created and both he and Sarah continued was fabulous and I thank them both for that. Learning was fun.”
Alison Sheridan

“Outstanding presentation, observation and EQ at all times and especially the emotional ones. It was undoubtedly the right thing to go ahead with this. It was a pleasure to meet you and see you operate so well. Simon Kennedy Mast

The great thing is that you were able to create ‘something’ which touches the profoundness of the human being / nature based upon big scientific foundation. Often we see either profoundness based upon parapsychology or science not able to translate into human profoundness.”

Anon – HR Director – Europe.

“It was truly fantastic for our team.
Heir Island was as beautiful and calm as we ever could have imagined.
As you can imagine it was with mixed expectations (in the team) we came to Heir Island.
Afterwards it was one voice and same message from all. Really good and needed training perfectly combined with our strategy discussion.

I am confident that we will do further business in future and I am really pleased with everything we do together.”
Joachim Magnusson, Executive Vice President – Kongsberg Automotive

“Paul demonstrated his many skills during our leadership program in form of engaging the audience by giving of himself and presenting good reflections of different themes. I was also lucky to have him as a personal coach during this program where he pinpointed very interesting reflections in an effective way and followed this very professionally with me. He challenges and makes demands, but in a human way.”
Torleif Vollstad, Aker Solutions

“Ivor has a talent for listening to the words that you don’t say, an uncanny ability to know when to dig a bit deeper. This can be challenging to start with but truly rewarding and a pleasure to work with. He has helped me greatly during my coaching journey and I truly believe that he has contributed significantly to the positive personal & professional changes that I have taken from my time working with him”
James Carnegie, Aker Solutions

“Ivor brings life experience as well as theory and practice in executive coaching. He supports change both personally and professionally with a practical courage that allows for insight, support, and understanding in the collaborative work. I know that through my work with him at Harvard University I surfaced my own barriers to change”
Erik Gregory PHD, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

“I am a completely different person since I began the leadership training and personal coaching. I have the ability to get what I need from my team without taking on the tasks myself and I am inspiring trust within the team which gives the team freedom and willingness to do their job knowing that I support them. Coaching with Ivor can only lead to further development of anyone in a leadership position enabling successful leadership styles and achieving objectives. I owe a lot to him – he has helped me to evolve and start the journey of becoming the leader I wanted to be”
Vicki Byrne, Kongsberg Automotive

“Ivor’s warmth, genuineness and high ethical values, together with his sense of humour, make it easy to work with him – and to feel that each coaching conversation is both hugely enjoyable and very useful”
Brigid Russell, NHS Education for Scotland