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Seasons of Change

Posted on: December 12th, 2016 by mobiusleadership No Comments
As we settle into Winter, I find myself thinking about the seasons and the natural rhythm of life, how it all seems perfectly formed and happens with ease.

On Heir Island, the seasons are really noticeable – each brings out a different characteristic, a different perspective of island life.

At this time of year, in Winter, a quietness descends. The boats have left their moorings, animals are in from the fields, mowers and strimmers are silenced as nature heads into hibernation, walkers are wrapped up and brace against the wind as they enjoy the invigorating fresh sea air and the smell of freshly lit fires.

In Spring – a sense of anticipation as once more nature wakes up, days start to lengthen and boats are being painted ready for the season ahead. We eagerly await the first sign of new born chicks on the lake and the shags start building their precariously perched nests on the cliffs. Houses come back to life as the early visitors arrive.

There is a buzz about Summer – there’s lots going on – sailing, fishing (nothing like the taste of the first mackerel of the year), regattas, collecting treasures from the beach or skimming stones. Like the swallows, familiar faces return along with some new ones; vibrant colours of montbretia and fuchsia dance in the sun; wonderful long days and huge skies.

In Autumn, the island relaxes – like a deep exhale after you’ve held a breath. The blackberries ripen, boats start to come in and the visitors return to winter elsewhere. The glow of the sunsets never ceases to cause wonder. Then the first storm leaving behind the roaring swell of the waves crashing in the distance reminding us winter is around the corner.

And then it all starts again. I find a comfort in the predictability of the seasons – as they come and go every year it’s a reminder that everything has a beginning, middle and end – only the arc of time differs.

Sometimes the seasons are helpful in understanding times of change – changing relationships, changing business fortunes, changing interests.  Even though we may resist it quite strongly at the time (how long do we resist putting away those summer clothes?), and struggle to rationalise the reason something is happening – there is an inevitable constant in life and that’s change. Everything has a season.

Each season in nature has its purpose and its place in the continuum is vital – without Winter there would be no Spring. It is essential that nature has its rest period, its time for hibernation, rejuvenation – ready to come to life again when the warmth returns and the days start to length.

How do you want to be this Winter? When all the partying is done, how to you replenish and restore? What do you need to do to be ready for Spring?

Sarah Matthews is a Director of Mobius Leadership and owner of the Mobius Retreat Centre on Heir Island, West Cork, Ireland.


The Mobius Centre Story – Part III

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Mobius Centre

To begin where we finished our last publication – the paradox of playing safe is high risk.

I hope you were able to reflect on that and ‘notice’ where that statement applies to you.  This is a topic that I will revisit on many occasions in the future.

Returning to the Mobius Centre story, we did not have an official opening.  We were just so delighted to see this wonderful building, where we could be in the warm on a stormy day and peacefully sit, take in the view, and have the opportunity to be.

The building was beyond any expectation I had, beautifully built by David and Zabby, and aided by carefully chosen people who knew their trade.

The biggest thrill was the energy within. This, of course, is something that is felt and resonates within.  If I try to describe it,  I could not come close to doing justice to this exquisite spirit.

My energy for the time being was required elsewhere on work and travel away from Ireland, which required our focus.  The Mobius Centre had to take a distant second place.

It was not until March 2014 that we had our first corporate event. It was, of course, a very special occasion for us.  The team, a senior team from a worldwide company, had congregated at Cork airport having travelled from Scandinavia, USA and China.

Although we had a ‘dry run’ with a local business team, this was ‘full on’.  They were here for the week.  If we were being tested, and we never felt we were by the group, we would have passed with flying colours.  A fabulous time was had by all.

It is fair to say that the corporate world has become very testing and demanding, probably since the 80’s, and family has often taken second place.  This is without a doubt having an impact.  People are at work for more hours, although that does not mean to say we are working harder, just longer. This in turn, creates inner conflict, inevitably stress, and undoubtedly illness. How many people become ill when holiday time arrives?

The visit to the Mobius Centre helped this high-flying group to slow down and to calm down.  To spend time talking and reflecting on what it was they needed for themselves and the business.  The weather was good and the longer days of light meant they could walk and run and soak up the energy.  They were able to spend time together in the evenings and make even greater connections with their colleagues.

There are lots of reasons to slow down, but I’ll list just a few to give you an idea of why it’s important:

  1. Better focus.  When you slow down, you can focus better. It’s hard to focus if you’re moving too fast.
  1. Deeper focus.  Rushing produces shallowness because you never have time to dig beneath the surface.  Slow down and dive into deeper waters. 
  1. Better appreciation. You can really appreciate what you have, what you’re doing and who you’re with when you take the time to slow down and really pay attention. 
  1. Enjoyment.  When you appreciate things, you enjoy them more.  Slowing down allows you to enjoy life to the fullest. 
  1. Less stress.  Rushing produces anxiety and higher stress levels.  Slowing down is calmer, more relaxing and more peaceful.





Mobius Centre

Paul Matthews is Director of Mobius Coaching and Development and works with clients at his purpose built centre on Heir Island, West Cork, Ireland. For further details, contact Paul at 028 38834 or

The Mobius Centre Story – Part II

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Mobius Centre

Last time I ended my Mobius Centre story by touching on our dreams and I will start where I ended.  

Monday 5th September 2011 arrived. This was the day we had been waiting for with some trepidation. The day the builders moved in. David, the builder and ‘digger Pat’, who could move a digger around with such grace, certainty and precision, it became a joy to watch him.

To arrive at this day, months of work and a few hurdles had to be overcome. Planning permission for a building that was a bit different to the one’s that had gone before. Larry our architect had been thoughtful and imaginative and we wanted to see his design come to fruition. An environmental impact study was required, where did that come from? This we soon discovered is an EU directive, perhaps the first that had been asked for in West Cork, maybe even in Ireland, and of course, the logistics of building on an island.

But we all know inside of us that nothing worth having comes easy.

Mobius Centre

I guess one of the most challenging aspects of this was the decision to ‘knock down’ the original house on the site. A typical dry stone building, part of which, was semi-derelict. It was unusual in that it had 3 parts to it.  The main room – the only room where a family of 16 children was raised. They all lived in this room, cooking there, eating their meals, and sleeping there at night.  On bad weather days, they would have even have milked the cow in there.

The other two small sections, which were joined to make the rectangular building, were a dairy for making butter, and possibly cheese, and the final section was the abattoir.

This was history and, of course, there was a sentimental attachment. We considered trying to utilize the building for our venture, however, there we no foundations of any note, door areas were much lower, the walls were not straight and overall it was too low. The decision was made.

The building came down quickly. A pile of stones just lying there.  Those stones would be reused later to create beautiful ‘dry’ stonewalls.

I think the only regret I have is that I did not set up a time-lapse camera, however, we do have a good photographic record of the build.

Not long after work started, and for the next 4 years, my work took me on a journey to many different countries. This was a wonderful experience for me; I received great learning and meet so many delightful people.

What I did realize is that the issues people have are so similar. I appreciate we are complex beings however, I realized that we do make things so difficult for ourselves, which it would seem in all cases is how we keep ourselves safe, to do that we actually play small and truncate our world.

Interestingly the paradox of playing safe is high risk.

Around one year later the building was complete.

Paul Matthews is Director of Mobius Coaching and Development and works with clients at his purpose built centre on Heir Island, West Cork, Ireland. For further details, contact Paul at 028 38834 or

The Mobius Centre Story

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Mobius Centre

Lost, found, come home. That for me is the beginning of the Mobius Centre story.  This story starts with a very personal journey and it was only recently that the above came to light and I realized how personal this journey has been for us. I was talking with my wife Sarah reflecting about our time together.

She said that before we met she felt ‘lost’; she then went on to describe that because of our synchronistic meeting and our connection she had been ‘found’. The ‘coming home’ piece I will also explain later. (more…)