Mobius Centre

Mobius Centre

mobius_centreThe Mobius Centre is available for talks, trainings, yoga, meditation or anything creative we don’t know about yet. Deliberately not limited to being any one particular type of room, it is open to a number of uses.

The Mobius Centre has been used for individual coaching sessions, leadership team strategy meetings, teambuilding groups as well as yoga and meditation retreats. It is a place where leaders share ideas and talk about what shapes the future; where teams come to experience challenges and develop at an accelerated pace; where individuals gain deeper insight into themselves and simply be.

With everyday life distractions stripped away and replaced with inspiring views, the Centre provides an opportunity to step into fresh perspectives and bring new light on challenges and opportunities. A beautiful setting and relaxed atmosphere will leave people refreshed and invigorated, ready to tackle the toughest of agendas.


The Centre is a place of transformation, personally and collectively.

The Mobius Centre is available for independently run events, corporate team days, board meetings and events of a more personal nature like yoga, creative writing, art and photography workshops.