In a complex and competitive business world, coaching is now established as a positive and empowering breakthrough for executive performance and leadership development.

Our coaching is designed to be thought provoking and creative and will inspire clients to maximize both personal and professional potential.

Our unique combination of approaches offer powerful and performance enhancing insights, enabling participants to break through the barriers that limit them and make the changes most important to them. Individuals and teams will emerge as more adept, more agile and more focused on achieving their goals and objectives.

Individual Coaching

Success at making positive change and creating transformation often depend on revealing, understanding and overturning existing patterns of behaviour and deep-rooted ways of thinking.

We will support you in doing this by linking two powerful approaches. Undertaking an initial diagnostic using The Leadership Circle Profile, a revolutionary transformational tool, that tells you what’s working, what’s not, and the reason why. It sounds simple, but uncovers a treasure trove of information that usually remains buried. By making it easily accessible, we create a foundation for creation of change at a deeper level and at a sustainable pace.

Our coaching process, built around the Immunity To Change framework, will bring deeper awareness to the hidden mechanism that can prevent you making even the most sought after changes. Over time, you will learn to overturn any limiting beliefs, freeing you to make change, progress and release untapped potential.

Team Coaching

Effective teams and relationships are critical to improving performance within organizations.

If you seek higher performance from a team, if a business relationship seems ‘stuck’, or if there is conflict and the usual remedies are not working, then coaching offers the potential of a powerful breakthrough that will help you meet your objectives.

Our approach to team coaching is to focus on relationships between the individuals, rather than the individuals themselves. Using The Leadership Culture Survey we establish where the team sees itself today and define where they want to be in the future, enabling us to create a customized programme of development and coaching which will get them there.

We help teams to be conscious and intentional about their relationships. Teams who have participated in a Mobius programme develop:

  • strong leadership competencies and effective communication skills
  • conflict resolution skills, enabling quicker solutions
  • an ability to create clear vision and direction
  • heightened awareness of what’s happening with the system
  • increased inter-departmental understanding & collaboration through reduction of ‘silos’
  • increased positivity & improved productivity in the work environment
  • control over its role, objectives and direction