The Leadership Path

– The Practice of Effective Leadership

In a world of increasing ambiguity, uncertainty, complexity and volatility, demonstrating effectiveness matters more and more. Simply modeling the behaviours of great leaders is no longer enough. To be effective, companies need leaders who, individually and collectively, can operate across different environments and adapt to the unexpected.

We facilitate programmes that enable leaders to gain deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship to others. Leaders grow their capacity to develop and go beyond the boundaries that currently limit their effectiveness, thereby overcoming obstacles and challenges with perspective and confidence.

Leadership is not a ‘one size fits all’ proposition. Mobius design and deliver bespoke leadership programmes that take account of the individual and organizational needs.

We are uniquely positioned to do so through the fully customizable programme
The Leadership Path – The Practice of Effective Leadership.

The Leadership Path enables leaders to increase their capacity to meet and exceed the demands of their role and the world around them, allowing individuals, teams, groups and organizations to evolve the practice of leadership.

The Leadership Path incorporates diagnostics to assess current strengths, in person modules to support objectives focusing on the individual, teams and strategy and coaching to support the integration of learning.

The Leadership Path encompasses the suite of tools from The Leadership Circle as well as the Immunity to Change framework.

The only durable competitive advantage left in the world today is leadership. We support individual leaders, teams and organizations in making it their winning edge.

The Leadership Circle Profile, Workshops, and The Leadership Culture Survey were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle™